Todd Kemp

My beautiful wife Corrie and I were married in May of 2007.  We have two daughters Abigail who was born August of 2009 & Karis who was born April of 2012 .  Corrie is a 5th grade teacher in Perquimans county  and desires to have students at any age to know Christ personally.

I grew up most in Roanoke, Virginia with two great parents that showed me who Christ was at an early age.  In July of 1996, my father pasted away & my left foot was amputated due to a motorcycle accident.  After this life changing event, a personal relationship with Christ became very real to me.

I am extremely passionate about youth ministry and have the desire that all students know of the personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I enjoy any sporting event, running, weightlifting, reading and music. Virginia Tech is my college team and the Pittsburgh Steelers is the best pro football team.  I graduated from Southern Wesleyan University with Christian Ministry Major & Youth Minor.

Contact me at or at (252) 426-2792


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