Isn’t the Bible Full of Errors?

Posted: February 27, 2010 in 5 Questions

People over history have tried to say that the Bible is full of errors.  They say that it contradicts itself. All scripture is “God-Breathed” which means that God has used people to put on paper what He wants them to say.  God wanted to communicate to us as humans in a way that we could understand throughout history.

What better way than to write it down?  He used men to write down what he was telling them to write.  However we have to take into account a couple of things.

First it is God as the Holy Spirit that has guided people in a super-natural way to keep errors out of the scripture.

Second we have to understand that the Bible is inspired by God and yet simultaneously retains the unique style and perspective of its authors.  And because of its authors we get to see events from different perspectives. The Bible has stood through time and is one of the oldest books to be written, not to mention the best selling book of all times.

It’s not full of errors, it is given from God himself.


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